Benefits of Online Support  
Instant resolution. Connect in less than 60 seconds.
• Hands-free support. We do the work via the internet.
• We can make your computer faster than new. Right now!

Removing Viruses, Trojans, Spyware & Adware
Internet and Browser Issues such as Popups
Software & Hardware Diagnostics
Eliminate Error Messages
Regular Maintenance

Discover how easy it is to provide fast, real-time support.
  • See exactly what’s happening on a remote users’ desktop.
  • Run diagnostics and provide solutions in real time.
  • Increase first call resolution rates. Decrease downtime.
  • Improve your productivity—and customer satisfaction.

No need to take your computer to a shop anymore. Save yourself time,  headaches, and money by simply logging in and Sac Valley IT can repair your PC.